Hotel for Sale in Decollatura


Reference 9514
Price 23.920 €
Typology Hotel
Contract vendita
City Decollatura
Sq.m. 170
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency N.D.

additional informations

For sale portion of accommodation located in Decollatura, Serra Nocilla (CZ), via G. Marconi. The building was built in 1828, is composed of three floors above ground with load-bearing masonry structure in stone, over time it has been affected by renovations, the roofing is in tiles and a portion of photovoltaic panels, finished with copper eaves and downpipes.The portion subject of this sale includes the ground floor of the building, has a common entrance to the other units by a stone portal with coat of arms and a double wooden door. In the entrance area, to the east, there is the wing of the warehouse with two small bedrooms and toilets, bordering on parcel 712. Once you have walked the hallway of the stairs, through a sliding glass door, you proceed westwards through the three sections of the open space warehouse. In the last section of the warehouse, in the west wing, there is a storage room, other toilets and an access door to the 717 parcel. In this floor there is also, in a central position, the staircase connecting the upper floors.The finishes include wood-aluminum window frames with double glazing and a single door, porcelain stoneware floors and painted civil plaster with some original stone portions in view. The ceiling is in beams and wooden planks. The electrical system is under track while the heating system is on the floor with boiler rooms located in one of the neighboring particles of the neighboring owner.The building in which the real estate unit develops is in a very good state of maintenance.The property is located in a fund enclosed between third-party properties, access to the property is currently governed by good neighborly relations enshrined in custom without ease of passage.The property is not compliant but can be regulated.Property identified in the appraisal attached as LOT 1.Commercial area: 170 m2Full ownership of:Portion of accommodation facility (CF): Sheet 39 - Particle 48 - Sub. 4 - Cat. C / 2The cadastral identification does not correspond to the current state of the property.